Simple Steps In “Pimping Your Ride”!!

We all require a little tender loving care every once in a while, and so do our vehicles.

A nice spray job, low suspension, or a little under-rail lighting can do the job nicely.

But there are few additions as classy, hassle-free and cost-effective as changing your old car wheels for a set of custom rims.

So if you need to ‘pimp your ride’, custom rims and car wheels are ideal.

They are not very expensive, though you will probably need to pay much more than that for a really good set.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to do your research. Check out a number of tire stores and custom rim websites to see what is on offer, and find out what styles are available.

Custom car wheels come in all kinds of attractive designs and do away with the need for wheel covers or paint.

Not only do they look great, quality custom rims will improve the speed and handling of your car as they are usually more lightweight than the equivalent size of normal steel wheels.

There are two main types of custom rims – cast and forged. Most custom wheels you see on the roads are cast. These are usually of good quality and are reasonably priced.

Forged custom wheels are of higher quality, and they are more lightweight and stronger than cast wheels. That said, the are significantly more expensive and are most popular with enthusiasts and the more affluent.

Whatever option you pick, there are a few factors you need to think about before you invest. First, you need to ensure that the wheel will fit your vehicle.

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Custom rims usually range in size from 18″ to 24″, so you need to pick a size that fits your vehicle. In addition, keep it in mind that custom wheels can differ in width.


Tree Surgery Guide & Costs In The UK

The cost of tree expulsion changes with the trees position, stature, width, an amount of branches and that it is so near utility lines or other obstacles.

Average costs:

Littler trees equivalent to or up to around 30 feet in tallness, and with the leeway of structures, impediments and city utility lines cost roughly £125-£450 to take out.

Bigger taller trees at the scope of 60 – 80 feet in tallness are inexact £400 – £1,000.

Enormous Trees 80 – 100 feet in tallness could cost the proprietor anywhere in the range of £900-£1,500 + especially if you would class the job as emergency tree work.

Tree stump crushing destroys the other tree stump into a load of sawdust and may be valued on an individual premise or as a feature of the underlying appraisal. Bigger stump is pounding midpoints £170 – £300. Little stumps are for the most part about £75


Chipping branches could be an extra £60 – £150/hour if excluded in the first gauge. A lot of organizations charges around £50 – £100 to pull away a heap of tree chips.

teach kids spanish

Tips For Teaching Your Child Spanish

The best gift a parent can give their child is the ability to speak a second language, like Spanish.

The best time to teach a new language, like Spanish, is when a child is a toddler. Teaching a second language has been proven to not only strengthen a child’s ability in their first language, but it also:

  • Leads to higher scores on standardized tests when they’re older
  • Better retention of language
  • Better memory

The following are ways to teach your children Spanish.


By immersion, I don’t mean that you have to move to a Spanish speaking country, but it would be a good idea when kids learn Spanish for them to be in the best possible environment for this to happen. This may often mean engineering a few things in their lives, at least for a short amount of time. This can best be done by following the advice below.

Singing Songs

Children enjoy singing,they can easily learn Spanish from singing Spanish songs.Learning through singing is more memorable, more efficient and often more correct than translating.

teach kids spanish

Reading is Fun

Reading Spanish stories is another excellent method to provide learning through context. For children, pick short simple stories with lots of pictures and if your pronunciation is satisfactory, then read the stories to your child using lots of expression. Or, if at all possible, find a native speaker to read to your child. Try to organize a group of interested children for “Spanish Story-time”.

Take Classes

Every town and city in the county has classes for learn Spanish for kids. Kids learning to speak Spanish will be in an ideal learning environment with many people their own age. They will also make good friends and the can learn Spanish together.

Watch Spanish Films

Who said learning had to be dull? When kids learn to speak Spanish, they should be watching Spanish TV programs, radio and watching films with Spanish subtitles.

Subliminal Learning

It has been shown that when we are in a relaxed state we learn much better. Therefore children will learn to speak a new language much easier when they are asleep, or trying to get to sleep as this is the most relaxed state possible.

MP3 Player

Always have your MP3 player handy. When kids learn to speak Spanish they can be learning as they are in the car, walking to the shops or on the computer. There are many great audio products available online today to help kids learn to speak Spanish

The best time to teach Spanish to a child is when they’re a toddler. Take advantage of this age and help your child grow to their best potential.

Bathroom Remodeling Essentials

A proud home owner wants their bathroom to exude comfort  When these meticulous homeowners find that their bathrooms are not par with their tastes and standards, they would like to embark on a bathroom remodeling project.

Depending on the type of work that constitutes the project, a bathroom remodeling can be a simple job, or it can be a complex project.
Some remodeling work can involve simple aesthetic changes, while others involve the total overhaul of the room.

According to custom home building experts, whether your project involves large or small remodeling jobs, there are certain considerations and prerequisites that you should take into account before your begin with any work. Taking these remodeling essentials and needs into consideration can help you get the results you need and get that bathroom you’ve always wanted.


Bathroom Remodeling Guide

The following are some prerequisites that need to be addressed before any bathroom remodeling work is begun to avoid any problems or issues related to the remodeling work.

* It should be clear to you and your contractors what needs to be changed in the bathroom. Do you need to change all fixtures? Do you need more light to come inside? Do you need a bigger space altogether? A reputable company like bathroom renovations Brisbane will be able to provide you with accurate answers, as should any company you select to carry out the work.

* Work with your home builders to decide on the vital elements involved with the remodeling job. A detailed list of all these elements should be made, which includes materials, dimensions, electrical works, and plumbing works.

* The next thing to consider is your budget allocation. It would be wise to set aside specific amounts for your labor and material costs plus contingencies. About this, it would be best that all materials are procured before beginning any work to avoid the hassle of running off in the middle of the project just to purchase a particular material that ran out.

* The project may take a considerable amount of time to complete and within this time frame, you will not be able to use the bathroom. Prepare for this contingency by adjusting household usage and allocation for the other bathroom facilities in your house.


Bathroom Remodeling Essentials

Once you have gone through all the basic prerequisites for your bathroom remodeling project, it is time to consider all the important elements that you should know about this type of work. The following discusses some of these essentials in brief.

* Work with your contractors on how to divide the project into phases and then allocate a targeted time frame for each of these phases. With this, you will know if your project is on track or if some adjustments need to be done. Allocate ample time for each segment then add on a little extra to avoid any rush that might affect the outcome of the project.

* Water needs to be shut down while remodeling work in the bathroom is commencing. Learn where and how to shut down the supply leading into the particular bathroom. A potential problem here is if the valve supplying the bathroom includes other water facilities as well. You may need to have a bypass installed so that other facilities will have continuous use of water.

* Decide whether you want a minimalist design for your bathroom, or if you need ample bathroom storage space. This includes establishing the design for your vanities and countertops. Choose a design that does not eat up too much space, while providing an elegant and sophisticated look to your bathroom.

* Choose an appropriate flooring material that will suit the design and taste that you want with your bathroom. Take into consideration the need for floor heating if you opted for tiled or stone flooring. If you decided on alternative flooring materials like wood or carpeting, ensure that there is no potential for water accumulation that may cause water damage.

A bathroom remodeling project can be a very worthwhile undertaking that will drastically change how your bathroom will look and feel. The important thing in such a project is to make careful preparations and to have all essentials and needs taken cared of before any work is done.


Alcohol Recovery – Getting Help

Alcohol recovery and drug rehab will become the most challenging experience of your life. There is no getting around it. In many cases, you are attempting to break through years of bad habits. You can do it. There is no reason why you cannot do it.

Part of making this work is building up a social support network around you. Get this right and you are going to increase your chances of success. In this article, we are going to go through some of the people you should have in your support group.


The Professional Counsellor:

Even if you feel that you are strong enough to achieve your goals alone, it is strongly recommended that you maintain contact with a professional counselor. While other people can offer emotional support; they cannot offer you medical advice. Counselors from alcohol rehab clinics are specially trained in showing you the right direction.

An Accountability Option:

Many recovering alcoholics find it easier to go through many of the extreme feelings with the help of someone they can feel accountable to. This can be anyone from a close family member to a best friend. Accountability means you are far less likely to let someone down. You want so much to prove that you are strong enough to beat your demons. Keep in touch with this person and keep sharing your goals with them.

Drugs gave me wings Poster

Immediate Help:

You are going to suffer from cravings at moments where you will not be able to find your counselor. Let’s say you wake up in the center of the night and you’re desperate for a drink. Your best option now is to contact someone who will always be available. Most of the time, you cannot rely on a friend to do this.

Your best guarantee is a specialist alcohol helpline:

These helplines are often provided by rehab clinics like the House Of Recovery and stay open 24/7. This allows you to reach out to someone before your cravings begin to overcome you.

The Social Butterfly:

One of the easiest ways to distract your mind from alcohol is to go out and find someone who you can enjoy spending time with outside of home and work. When you are sitting in the home with nothing to do, cravings are more likely. If someone is willing to spend time with you away from your usual environment, you will open yourself up to new experiences and have real physical support alongside you.


How To Combat Baldness

For many middle age men the first sight of baldness can be disastrous. What will my partner say? What will my colleagues say? Will people even notice I’m going bald? Are all questions that may circle a balding mans head!

Many men panic at this stage and book expensive hair transplants that often aren’t necessary.

For a start the first signs of baldness are often not the last. By that I mean that the full balding process can take many many years. Men often reach a certain level of baldness which sticks with them for the rest of their lives.

Another reason not to panic is that often a balding look in men is that of an attractive one. Yep, you read that right – in a recent survey over 65% of women actually confirmed that prefer the balding look to that of a full head of hair.

For those of you that still aren’t convinced, here are 3 affordable ways you can reduce the effects of balding and live a settled and secure life.


Switch Shampoos

This one sounds simple but is actually the most effective and cheapest option in most cases. While it’s likely you would have seen many commercials promoting the next big thing in miracle hair loss shampoo there is actually only one simple ingredient that can combat the problem – Ketaconazole. This ingredient contains a fungus that can also fight against dandruff and is scientifically proven to fight against hair loss.

Winning The Baldness Book

Winning the baldness book is an award winning master piece that has helped thousands of guys overcome baldness. It’s a simple to follow, 30 day plan that covers a variety of different topics and methods. Success rate is very high with many men saying it has transformed their lives.

Eat Smarter

While many men simply freak out when they realise they are suffering from hair loss and put it down to being just passed down from their family, this is simply not the case, it’s often lifestyle which effects hair loss. Getting a great balanced diet and eating the right things, can really help to prevent hair loss and help men regain a full head of hair for many many years.

We really hope you found this article useful and remember not to panic, think about the cause and make the necessary changes to your lifestyle or shampoo in order to combat the problem.

stop maleria

5 Scientific Ways To Treat Maleria

What is the greatest fear in Africa when it comes to health? Believe it or not, it is a disease carried by a mosquito called Malaria. There is a rampant spread of this disease that affects the globally. It is a life-threatening disease that causes the death of million people. In fact, every single minute past, there is a child in Africa who suffered and died from malaria. Globally, 90% of the victims who died from malaria are from the African region. If this incidence would not be stopped, there would be more children would die because of malaria. It is better that every person should know the source and how this disease spreads.

The Mosquitoes that carry malaria could never be stopped, but there are ways to prevent malaria itself. Here are five of the most innovative ways discovered so far.

5.The CreeLog

This awesome and effective way of preventing malaria was developed by Cree Industries. The formula is then embedded into logs and wrapped in soluble bags which are then dropped to water reserves where it dissolves slowly for a total of 15 days.

4. Anti-malaria tea

This tea is made from one of the most common sources of the treatment of malaria which is the Artemesia, a sweet wormwood plant that is mostly found in China. There are still a lot of debates as to the effectiveness of this tea but evidence from a certain community in Ugandan has proven its worth.

3. Anti-malaria Soap

The anti-malaria soap was formulated by two African students by combining karate citronella and other herbs.

2. Mobile Diagnostic Device

The device was developed by the Amplino company with the intention of being able to diagnose patients as early as possible. The data collected by the device is also uploaded to cloud which also helps a lot for analytic purposes.

1. Light Sensor Testing App

This award winning application was developed by a group of students from Makerere University who call themselves Code 8. This is truly one of the most innovative was as it can diagnose a patient’s blood without even the aid of a needle.

best podcasts

5 Brilliant Podcasts Perfect For Nerds

Searching for brilliant podcasts perfect for nerds? If yes, read on. Your search is over. In the present world of streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify, you might be thinking that relatively old-school podcasts will not cut it. For sure, they do. In fact, if you don’t check out the incredible selection of podcasts that are available out there, you are actually missing out. So what should you listen? Below are 5 brilliant podcasts perfect for nerds.

1. Pardon the Interruption

Nearly all sports followers like this podcast. This is one of the podcasts that you should check out. The reason is that episodes are all around twenty minutes, and they cover hot topics of the day in sports from veterans, Michael Wilbon, and Tony Kornheiser. It is good for speedy commutes. It is also perfect in case your journey is a bit longer.

2. Radio Three Sixty ACC

This is not a talk podcast. Instead, you will feed your ears with soft sounds from a host of genres. For sure, you will like this podcast in case you enjoy music. Besides, this podcast is the best for the commute. Just sit back & listen as professional DJs take music to a new level. Want to know the amazing part? No commercials!

3. The Nerdist

Feed your nerd with this amusing podcast from geek extraordinaire and Television personality, Chris Hardwick. Make sure that you check this podcast since Chris Hardwick keeps the laughter coming with this humorous show. The show is full of interviews, especially for celebrity guests.

4. 99% Invisible

This fascinating podcast will help you to look at architecture and design in an entirely different light. One of the award-winning producers Roman Mars describes how people have almost become numb to bridges, tall buildings, and design pieces that we see daily. Feed your own brain and experience innovations during your travel. Frankly, episodes are relaxing, quick, and enlightening.

5. Point of Inquiry

This podcast, Point of Inquiry, discusses topics that revolve around religion, philosophy, politics, and science. With over three hundred and five (305) episodes to select from, you will never get bored. This podcast has been around since the year 2005. Therefore, the hosts have all the kinks ironed out and present you with an interesting dialogue where you are sure to acquire knowledge about something new.

The above are 5 brilliant podcasts perfect for nerds. They include Point of Inquiry, 99% Invisible, The Nerdist, Radio Three Sixty ACC, and Pardon the Interruption. Others include Stuff You Should Know, and Anderson Cooper 360 among others.